Open-air museum

A real perched village only 15 km from NiceTourrette-Levens still has one of the towers of its medieval castle. Its dominant position allows visitors to enjoy an exceptional panorama between sea and mountains. Turned towards arts and culture, the commune shelters three free museums in the heart of the old village and offers many events throughout the year.

Visitors will be able to discover the museum of natural history and butterflies in the castle and during a stopover in the Ramparts house, they can visit the museums of traditional trades and prehistory.


All along the road leading to Tourrette-Levens and during a walk in the village streets, you will discover many sculptures and frescos that justify the appellation:
"Tourrette-Levens, an open-air museum".
Good stroll with artists such as Igor AKIMOV, Jean-Pierre AUGIER or Albert CHUBAC, Max CARTIER and many others...


APRIL: Medieval Festival
JUNE: Children's Plastic Arts Festival and Summer Exhibition
Fête Dieu slug procession
JULY : Musical nights of the castle
SEVEN. Patronal Feast of St. Rosalie