The city is known for its marina, its fine sandy beaches and its cultural heritage.
Water sports enthusiasts will find plenty to do in Vallauris Golfe-Juan, with activities such as sailing, scuba diving, windsurfing, and deep-sea fishing.
The city is also surrounded by hills and mountains, offering many opportunities for hiking and mountain biking.

In the heart of the French Riviera, Vallauris is a city of pottery traditions. Through your visit, discover the many craftsmen, museums and works around ceramics. The arrival of Picasso marked the city and its penchant for this discipline. Many works of the artist are to be seen in Vallauris. Enjoy a day at sea thanks to its 3 km of beaches and its two ports.


Vallauris Golfe Juan

Vallauris Golf Juan consists of 2 distinct cities. The seaside resort Golfe-Juan on 3 km of seafront and Vallauris inland, village of ceramic tradition.
300 days of sunshine delight its 27,364 inhabitants (2019 figures). The commune enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with temperatures ranging from 11°C in winter to 25°C in summer.

2000 years of pottery traditions

Vallauris Cité Potière

Vallauris Cité Potière

Vallauris is labeled "City and Crafts". It holds this title thanks to its 2000 years of pottery tradition.
This heritage begins in the Gallo-Roman era, with the manufacture of bricks and pots. In the 16th century, the city had its first 3 pottery factories, located in the current rue des Tours.
A few centuries later, in 1829, it counted 32. The economic crisis of 1930 will make develop the Provençal pottery fancy and colored.

The arrival of Picasso in 1948, contributes to popularize the city and the art of pottery.
It is in the 50s that the city of potters knows its golden age. Great ceramic artists come to settle in the city. Roger Capron, Jean Derval, Gilbert Portanier, Roger Collet and Jean Marais were among them.

did you know that

The city has a unique specialty in France, the bigaradier orange tree. These bitter oranges are eaten as jam or flower water.


Discover the artisans, museums and works of art around pottery

Vallauris, the pottery city, is to be explored by strolling in its downtown and its historic district.
Lose yourself in the streets to discover the secrets of the ceramists and admire their works.
A journey to the heart of the tradition and know-how of ceramists and potters.

The streets of the ceramists

In the heart of the city, the ceramics workshops are to be discovered mainly on the avenue George Clemenceau.
Discover the know-how of the potters, thanks to their demonstration of turning, decoration...
Exchange with the craftsmen by asking them questions about the manufacture.
Then leave with a ceramic chosen among hundreds of models.

Rue des potiers Vallauris

Rue des potiers Vallauris

Pottery is everywhere in Vallauris. Every corner hides its share of history treasure.
Pay attention to the different ceramic objects that sublimate the city:

  • The street signs in the city centre are mostly ceramic
  • Jars decorated by different Vallaurian artists on the avenue Clemenceau
  • The decorated façade of the old post office by Massier (1 rue Hippolyte Ausse)
  • The decorated façade of McDonald's by Roger Capron
  • Old ovens to see: at the Grandjean space inside, rue Jean Gerbino, and at the Foucard-Jourdan factory
  • The lens, made for the 50th anniversary of Picasso's arrival in Vallauris. To be seen at the roundabout of the "pont-neuf", between the road Golfe Juan and Vallauris
  • Monumental statue of Roger and Jacotte Capron. Present at the place Jacque Cavasse, as well as the facade of the Espace Loisirs.

The Pottery Museum

Discover the different phases of pottery making thanks to the machines and tools of production.
This private museum presents pottery and ceramics from the end of the 19th century to today.
Finally, take a picture with Pablo Picasso and Honoré Camos thanks to the wax replicas made by the Grévin Museum.

Located at 21 rue Sicard. Tel: 04 93 64 66 51
Access to the museum every day from 2pm to 5pm from June to September, on weekdays from March to May. Closed from October to February.
Admission is 3€.


Picasso and Vallauris

Picasso lived in Vallauris from 1948 to 1955. During this period, he produced many works, including a major one: "War and Peace".
Picasso found a passion for the art of ceramics and linocut (engraving technique) when he arrived in Vallauris.
For him ceramics is not a minor art.
He produced nearly 4,000 original works over a period of twenty years.

Picasso became an honorary citizen of Vallauris in 1949, following his donation of the statue of the Man with a sheep.
This sculpture can be admired at the Isnard square, also called the Man with a sheep square.

Madoura, Pablo Picasso's workshop

The Madoura house is closed at this time (spring 2023) for works for an undetermined period.
Contact them for more information: 04 93 64 41 74

Picasso exercised his passion for ceramics in the Madoura workshop held by Suzanne and Georges Ramié.
This place quickly became the gathering place for the artists of the time. After Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Victor Brauner and Henri Matisse follow one another.
They mark the history of ceramics and Vallauris. Today, Madoura is a place of art and history.
There is a permanent collection of ceramics by Picasso and Suzanne Ramié as well as an exhibition of contemporary art.


The essential museums of Vallauris

The works of Picasso can be admired in the castle-museum.
This building, former prior of the Abbey of Lérins, dates from the Renaissance.
It includes 3 museums: The National Museum Picasso "War and Peace", the Magnelli Museum and the Museum of Ceramics.

Castle-Museum Vallauris

Castle-Museum Vallauris

National Museum of Pablo Picasso "War and Peace

The museum exhibits a major work by Pablo Picasso, "War and Peace", created in 1952.
An artist committed to peace, he created this work to demonstrate his commitment against the Korean War.
Visible in the chapel, it fits perfectly into the vaults.
This impressive work is over 100 m2 and was painted on isorel panels.
The painting was not exhibited in the castle until 1954, after having been exhibited in Rome and Milan.

"War and Peace" - Pablo Picasso Museum in Vallauris

 "War and Peace" - Pablo Picasso Museum in Vallauris

Pablo Picasso painted a panel called "The Four Parts of the World" in 1958.
It condemns the old door giving access to the chapel.
This work makes the link between "War and Peace", representing an allegory of universal understanding between peoples.
Link to the National Museum of Picasso in Vallauris .

Magnelli Museum

Alberto Magnelli in Vallauris

Alberto Magnelli in Vallauris

Alberto Magnelli, Florentine painter, is the pioneer of abstract art.
The museum traces the different phases of his evolution through a chronological tour.
You can discover his works as paintings, engravings and collages.
The museum has a rich collection of the artist, gathered during his lifetime.
Indeed, he wanted his personal collection to be exhibited in a museum near Grasse, where he lived for 30 years.
Upon his death, his widow, Susi Magnelli, donated this collection to the Vallauris Museum.
Subsequently, several other donations were made to the museum.

Find out more about the Magnelli Museum of Ceramics : Opening hours Prices ... 

Museum of Ceramics

The museum allows you to discover the evolution of Vallauris ceramics through the different pieces.
Cross the ages, passing by the old kitchen of Lérins where a collection of culinary pottery is exposed.
Take a leap into the 1950s, the "golden age", with the artistic ceramics.
Then end your visit by admiring contemporary ceramics made by designers.

Ceramics in Vallauris

Ceramics in Vallauris


Events : The biennial, the festivities

Theatre of the Sea

At the Camille Rayon harbor, the Jean Marais Theater of the Sea offers open-air shows with a view of the sea.
The shows take place during the summer and can be free or paying.
An original experience to share with your friends and family. Find the program by clicking here.

The Pottery Festival

The 2nd Sunday of August is the pottery festival in Vallauris.
Entirely free of charge, discover the know-how of Vallauris pottery in a festive atmosphere.
On the programme: demonstrations of pottery making, creative workshops, parades in town, games...


Enjoy the sun and the sea

Located on the coast of the French Riviera, Vallauris Golfe-Juan is an ideal seaside resort for your walks by the sea, a drink on the terrace, browse the markets ...

The beaches of the Sun

Sunbathe or dive into the turquoise sea of Vallauris Golfe-Juan.
Named "plages du Soleil", the sandy beaches extend over 3.5 km. They are distributed on both sides of the port. You will find your happiness between private or public beaches.

Activities + : At the port you can rent a boat and spend a pleasant day at sea.

Plages Soleil City of Vaullauris

Plages Soleil City of Vaullauris

The marinas

Two ports exist in the city, the Vieux Port and the Port Camille Rayon.

The Vieux Port, a stone's throw from the city center, is a small traditional Mediterranean port.
A few fishermen and many boaters share it.
This lively place gathers boats, restaurant terraces and stores.

Old Port City of Vallauris

Old Port City of Vallauris

The Port Camille Rayon, created in 1989, sometimes called the new port, is entirely dedicated to pleasure boating.
It has been awarded the "Pavillon Bleu" label for its environmentally friendly infrastructures and houses an open-air theater, the "Jean Marais" Theater of the Sea.
From Tuesday to Saturday in summer, from 7:00 pm to midnight, the night market takes place in this place.
It is the ideal place to stroll, to rest, many bars, restaurants and ice cream shops are installed.

Port Camille Rayon City of Vallauris

Port Camille Rayon City of Vallauris

A little tip:
Watch the sunrise from a terrace in the harbor. A nice way to start your day.


Tourist Office
4, av. Georges Clemenceau
06220 Vallauris
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