It's raining! The ideal outing: Monaco Oceanographic Museum

It's raining! The ideal outing: Monaco Oceanographic Museum

 July 24, 2018
 about 3 minutes

Where to go out when it rains?

Today in Nice, on this Sunday, it's an appalling windstorm...
When the weather's bad, maybe you're like me: you don't feel like doing anything, so you plan to spend the day at home... and I already hate Sundays, the day before going back to work.
Depression is added to depression... what happiness!

But this time, I took the bull by the horns and headed for Monaco to visit the oceanographic museum which I'd never seen before!

First of all, the location and setting are really beautiful, and the view from the panoramic terrace, where you'll find a turtle village, is really great.
There are so many species of all kinds and colors to see and discover, including the shark lagoon. But above all, everything is done to make it fun, interactive and educational, which is great for a woman like me, who quickly gets bored in museums.

One of my favorite activities was the "touch tank", where I was able to touch the marine fauna to get to know and understand it better. These are amazing sensations, and I absolutely recommend that you experience them.
This museum is really fun, and the visit is lively and educational.

In the end, we stayed there for a good two hours and it did us a lot of good before we started this big week of work.

Visitor of the Musee-oceanographique-de-Monaco

Oceanographic Museum of Monaco


Any ideas for a rainy day out for the kids?

There are plenty of indoor activities on the Côte d'Azur. Although rainy days are rare, they can fall during a weekend or vacation period. When it does, I usually take a trip to the local museums and exhibitions. It's also a good time to see if there's a good film on at the cinema.

Where can you take your kids when it rains?
For those with very active children, I recommend indoor amusement parks such as fun city Fréjus or fun City in Cannes or a visit to the caves . An excellent activity to get them moving!

For older children, there's also shopping, a good time to change sofas or find a new outfit. NicetoileNIce's shopping center has something for everyone, from furniture to ready-to-wear, so kids, parents and teens alike can find what they're looking for!

Entrance to the cave of Saint Cézaire

The entrance to the cave Photo credit


Do you want to know when the weather is the best to go on holiday?

Or for a weekend on the Côte d'Azur? I recommend this site Meteola you'll find all the information you need on :
rainy months , water temperature ... .

If you have other ideas for activities, please let me know below

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