My trip to the Fréjus Zoological Park

My trip to the Fréjus Zoological Park

 July 17, 2019
 about 3 minutes

On the subject of zoos, opinions differ. In this debate there are those who believe that animals cannot be happy outside their natural habitat, and those who see animal parks as an excellent opportunity to protect certain species.

Fréjus Zoo

This weekend, I went to visit the Fréjus zoo, and I loved it! It was impossible to imagine that the animals weren't happy!


Here's a short summary of my day!


In the morning, I had the opportunity to attend the feeding of the elephant Gina, she's impressive! It's true that she's wrinkled, like a 50-year-old granny!

In fact, the caretaker explained that their next goal was to move her into a larger enclosure.


Afterwards, it was time for a little return to our primate origins, and my darling and I had a lot of fun. Nénette, the chimpanzee, and her friends made some great expressions and faces... it was as if they were us.


Fréjus Zoological Park

Parrot, Fréjus Zoo

Yes, we're descended from monkeys! It was so funny to see them watching us... I think they were thinking the same thing themselves!


My personal favorite: the felines.
Like pachas, majestic, resting in the shade. We met one of the park's caretakers, who told us about Lili the tigress's misadventure.

She had an altercation with the yen and lost a leg. However, she is no longer in pain and is in good health.

Well, I'm not going to tell you everything, it has more than 90 species: ostriches, shetland, oryx, lemurs, lion, dromedary, reptiles, mammals...

To find out more, visit their website...


The activities

Count on 3 hours of walk: between the feeding, the visit, the breakfast break or the refreshment.... And especially the photo shoots.


If you want to picnic in the zoo, I recommend the primate and bird area, a very pleasant shady spot. And for those who don't have any sandwiches in mind, you can take a snack break on the lemur island!


In the arms of his mother the Siamang of the zoo of fréjus

Magic moment at the zoo of fréjus Births


Just before we left, we met Valérie, the animal manager, who has a doctorate in ethology - a real treat! She's very passionate. You can read her articles on their blog, and find out more about the animals on the website!

In short, we learned a lot and above all that, above all, a zoo is not for us, but for the animals.


There is no doubt, it is thanks to the caretakers, to these enthusiasts that some species are not endangered.

Because one of the 1st causes of extinction is due to the hand of man through deforestation!

In any case, I highly recommend a visit!



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