Do you know the famous legend of the midday gunshot

Do you know the famous legend of the midday gunshot

 3 August 2021
 about 2 minutes

So is this a real story or a legend?

I don't know if you've ever paid attention, but every day at 12 o'clock sharp in Nice, the canon sounds.
Here is the unusual story that Nice continues to perpetuate "lou canoun de Miejour", the canon of noon.

In 1861, an English gentleman, Thomas Coventry, persuaded the city of Nice to fire a cannon from the hill of the Castle to mark the exact time of day.
Legend has it that this gentleman wished to remind his wife of her lunchtime, who was late returning from her morning walk, charmed by our Baie des Anges and very talkative...

But the reality is quite different.
Thomas Coventry had a passion for time measurement tools.
He had a red globe hoisted on a pole on the roof of the Chauvain Hotel where he lived, to indicate to the fireman posted at the castle that he should prepare to fire the noon gun.

On 21 December 1863, the cannon sounded for the first time.

coup de canon de nice

In 1867, Thomas Coventry gave his equipment to the City of Nice and, on November 19, 1875, a municipal decree instituted "lou canoun de Miejour", the noon gun.

In 1881, the artillerymen set the clock on the Saint-François tower, then on the radio speaking clock after the war.
The artillery piece was replaced several times and the firing site was transferred under the platform of the esplanade.
Since 1886, the fireworker sets off a firework bomb, called "marron d'air".
The techniques have changed since 1863, a deflagration makes us jump every day at noon sharp.

Would you like to see a traditional cannon shot?

From July 2021 to October 03, 2021, you can attend free of charge the theatrical reenactment of the "lou canoun de Miejour", the 12 o'clock shot.
For that, appointment every Sunday morning at 11:45 am on the Hill of the Castle of Nice, the Terrace Nietzsche.
Doors open at 11:15 am. Start at 11:45 am.

Unusual event : the gunshot Nice

copyright Ville de Nice.

Théâtre d'Æther Company with Frédéric Rey, Philippe Arnello & Rowena Cociuban
Costumes : Opéra de Nice

Please note that there will be no performances on August 15 and 22.
You can get there by car, on foot and even by elevator (Accessible to PMR)


If you would like more information on :
The hill of the castle
The events
Contact us ...
Click on this link, you have the detailed information sheet

Here are the contact details of the Nice tourist office, if you wish to contact them for any other question:
PHONE : +33(0)4 92 14 46 14


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