A day with the buffalo!

A day with the buffalo!

 August 13, 2020
 about 4 minutes

If you feel like discovering, or changing the landscape, in the heart of nature... head for La Réserve!

Our experience less than 1 hour from Nice and Cannes

After a 1 hour drive, some of the views are magnificent and worth a photo stop, we arrived at the Monts d' Azur Reserve.

From then on, welcomed by one of the charming hostesses, we were as excited as kids at the idea of reaching our booked accommodation with the "lodge accommodation" option, a desire to experience for a moment the role of Karen Blixen in the film "Out of Africa".

After settling in, we put on our most comfortable shoes for the walking safari to discover the backstage of La Réserve, accompanied by a naturalist guide. Don't hesitate to put on good shoes, as the safari easily lasts an hour and a half. Not to be missed, it's magical, we are about 20 meters away from bison, wild horses, deer, wild boar ... we really have a euphoric feeling of great freedom, and to live a rare experience of communion with the animal while respecting them.

The mountain air often opens up the appetite very quickly, we dined on the spot, family organic cuisine and generous! While waiting for the dishes, they served us a refreshing cocktail. Pure moment of happiness, and exchanges between us remembering all that we saw, against the backdrop of sunset. The sky is magnificent, the calm is remarkable and the air so pure that you will sleep better than anywhere else, if you are lucky enough to stay in the evening.

After this good meal, direction the ultra comfortable lodges! When you wake up, organic breakfast is served in the dining room.

Before leaving, we decided to also do the safari in a horse-drawn carriage guided by an expert naturalist, which allowed my friend who had joined us with his 3 year old daughter to also participate in the adventure. On our way back from the Safari, we went to the natural swimming pool for a small bath in pure and fresh water, this time in flip-flop, before setting off again!

Unforgettable experience and above all to be done every season!

What is the Reservation?

The Réserve des Monts d'Azur is an animal reserve located a few kilometres from the beaches of the Riviera where ancestral and surprising species of European fauna can be found in freedom: European bison, deer, elk, wild boar, Przewalski's horse, roe deer, chamois, golden eagle, griffon vulture and monk. In the middle of this animal reserve, man is just a guest who attends, in all seasons, the daily life of a part of the European fauna and the role it plays in the dynamics of the ecosystems. In front of your eyes, the testimony of complex natural phenomena that arouse the visitor's curiosity and encourage respect for nature.

Staying on site is possible!

This setting offers travellers, families, children and students the possibility to stay in several types of ecolodge accommodation with a breathtaking view of the animals, in the bioclimatic villa or in the Manor House. The Reserve is also proof that another type of tourism is viable on the Côte d'Azur, one that is responsible, sustainable, educational and creates local jobs. The Reserve is also the first tourist site with zero carbon emissions.

To do in the Gréolières area!

Just next door you have the village of Gréolières. In summer as well as in winter, this resort offers you a lot of activities :
- hiking,
- canyoning
- snowshoeing
- paragliding
- climbing
- geocaching ( it's a treasure hunt which uses the gps means to find out more )
- hunting
- fishing
- mountain biking
- In winter its ski area
Think about it if you go to the reserve and extend your stay or excursions by a little tour in Gréolières.
Discover the site http://www.greolieres.fr/#


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