Europe's largest marine park opens its doors to you!
With more than 25 hectares and nearly 4,000 residents and 40 species, Marineland is the 1st marine park in Europe. As the Côte d'Azur's leading tourist site, it welcomes more than a million visitors every year.
Come and discover the riches of the marine world and see the largest marine mammals from a fun, educational and spectacular angle!
Killer whales, dolphins and sea lions will reveal their power and the complicity with their caretakers through animations full of emotions!
Marineland actively respects the ZOO Directive (March 2004) which sets out the missions of zoos: Education, Research, Conservation. Every day, the keepers offer you performances with the animals. These show you not only the aptitudes and particularities of each species, but above all they respond to the need for physical and mental stimulation of these extraordinary animals. It is also a special moment between the keepers and the animals, during which the relationship between them cannot escape you... The term "keeper" means: to take care!

At the end of each performance, an educational facilitator is available to answer your questions.

See also the NIGHT SHOWS of killer whales and dolphins!