A night on the Lérins Islands

A night on the Lérins Islands

 September 20, 2019
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The Lérins Islands!
Today I'd like to tell you about a really fun weekend idea!
With friends and family, we decided to visit the island of Sainte-Marguerite for a weekend. It's the largest of the Lérins islands and the closest to Cannes.

We headed for the Quai Laubeuf, which is a bit far to swim! We took the cie Horizon which offered discounts 🙂
Arriving mid-morning, we took advantage of a pretty little cove for a swim.

View of the sea from Sainte Marguerite island

Beach of the island Sainte Marguerite

After a hearty picnic lunch, we set off for a walk along the well-maintained nature trails.
In the evening, we headed for our reserved room in the fort's listed buildings.
The fort is where the famous Man in the Iron Mask was imprisoned.

The fort of the Lerins Islands

The rooms, or rather the dormitories with 6 to 8 bunk beds, brought back old memories of summer camps. Especially between the snoring of one of our friends and the collective showers in the morning. Breakfast wasn't bad, but don't expect three stars.
What we liked best, especially the kids, was the picturesque setting and the fact that we were practically alone on this island in the middle of the night... real Robinsons!

Maritime excursion with Compagnie Horizon in the evening

View of the Royal Fort in the evening

We took the Horizon boat again. We left in the morning after deciding to go canoeing at Tahitian Adventure. It's a superb beach in Cannes just across from the island to finish our tour.
The guide is passionate about Tahitian life and takes us ashore on heavenly little beaches, where we were treated to a tasting of Moorea jam.

An idea for an outing! | Grab your fins, mask and snorkel
Dive into the underwater eco-museum on Sainte Marguerite Island.
Leisure Activities crush

Here it is: after a weekend like that, I didn't really feel like going back to work, but at least it's a real break and a real good thing!

If you would like to know more about the history of the man in the Iron Mask on the Lérins Islands > www. lérins.com
wikipedia site


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